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10 Easy Ways to Practice Self- Care

Emotional Wellbeing

We need to realise that the power to heal, smile, breathe and enjoy life comes from our individual actions and attitudes. That is why we at Zaryluq would love to share some easy steps you can take to start practicing a self-care routine in the different areas of your life.

1. Write down what you’re feeling. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a notebook or even an app on your phone, just let it out. This helps you to avoid bottling all those emotions and feelings.

2. Meditate. Find a quiet space where you can be alone and without distractions. Taking some time to empty your mind. Praying can be a form of meditation too!

3. Speak up. Stop holding on to negativity and keeping quiet about how you’re feeling. Bottling up can do so much harm for both your mental and physical health. You can directly talk to the person involved or if for some reason you feel uncomfortable communicating with them, then seek out a therapist, a close friend or a family member you trust.

4. Encourage yourself. Every day tell yourself lovely and inspiring words. You don’t need to wait for someone else to show you your value and beauty. Self-love is the most important action you can take towards establishing a sustainable and strong self-care routine.


Personal Growth

5. Stay curious. What you feed your mind has a great impact on how you feel. That’s why it’s so important to read, listen and watch instructive and inspirational content. It’s okay to watch a cheesy movie or read a silly romance novel once in a while, but don’t neglect deep subjects that nurture your mind and soul.

6. Organize your life. There are two important aspects that impact your day to day life: your home and profession. And you need to sort them out in a way that allows them to become organised and efficient as well as bring joy to your life.

● Clean your house, decorate your space, make it cozy and relaxing.

● Write down your daily plans, plan out your week, budget, track your expenses.

7. Don’t pressure yourself. If today you’re not feeling the best, learn to take some time off without feeling guilty. Learn to listen to your mind and body. Sometimes you need to allow yourself to say no to things and people that drain your energy and make you feel exhausted.


Social Relationships

8. Cut out negative people. The environment has a significant impact on how you feel about life. And if you’re constantly letting negative, toxic and selfish individuals influence you, whether that’s in a person or online, you will never enjoy a happy, joyful and positive life.

9. Find people to connect with. Loneliness and isolation can make you feel worthless and unloved. You need to connect with people that share your values and can support your dreams and ideas. Sometimes finding them can be a tough experience, accompanied by mistakes and wasted time. Don’t get discouraged, eventually you’ll find happy and kind people that’ll make you feel welcomed and appreciated.

10. Discover new places around you. Going out and exploring your local town or taking a road trip to a place you’ve always wanted to go can be so refreshing and relaxing. Traveling opens your mind and lets you discover new experiences.

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